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Date/Time: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 04:46:52 +0000

Evaluator Account - Please have opton to include commissions in Daily Liquidation Threshho

[2021-09-14 09:41:52]
Acro - Posts: 415

I am continuing to test the evaluator account with a third party.

One issue we have discovered is that when you meet the daily liquidation level (usually a lowish value for account protection) Sierra will not automatically flatten the position if the amount excluding commissions has not met the threshhold.

This is not realistic as commissions are a fact of life in the trading world and should always be included in that liquidation threshhold. Otherwise it is quite possible to get to a daily loss twice the size of the threshhold if there are a lot of trades that have been executed in the daily session.

Look forward to your help on providing an option to deal with this
[2021-09-14 14:00:52]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 97826
We are not understanding this.

Otherwise it is quite possible to get to a daily loss twice the size of the threshhold
This cannot possibly be. How is this possible?

It is true for the most recent Open Positions, that the small commission values are not included in the current Open Profit/Loss until those trades are closed, but this results in a very small excess amount.
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[2021-09-15 09:14:22]
Acro - Posts: 415
I have tested this out.

Set a daily loss limit of eg $500
Set commission round turn for a symbol to be say $1

Start off with a bunch of trades but basically achieving breakeven excluding commission
At that point your daily loss excluding commissions may be close to zero but your commissions may be say $150 so your true net loss is minus $150

Then enter a trade without a stop and if it runs against you the position will not be flattened until you reach minus $650 including commissions. This is because the evaluator thinks you have only inucrred a loss of $500 at that point, which is wrong.

Please test this yourself

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