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Date/Time: Wed, 22 Sep 2021 06:25:15 +0000

Bitmex - send attached orders > execInst missing

[2021-09-04 14:30:34]
anpy - Posts: 34
When sending attached orders using the Option "Send attached orders-Position" in the trading panel, SC ignores the ReduceOnly execInst set in the Data/Trade Service Settings.

However when sending the same attached orders using the "Use attached orders" checkmark in the trading panel, everything works as intended.
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[2021-09-06 21:40:29]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 97826
We cannot help with this. We do not do any further development with BitMex. Eventually BitMex trading support will get removed.
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[2021-09-15 03:36:38]
User804559 - Posts: 21
What is the reason for eventually removing the BitMex trading support? Especially when there are so many users who are either using it or interested in using.

BitMex supports DTC protocol, no?

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