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Date/Time: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 16:33:05 +0000

XXX.scid file sharing question

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[2014-03-21 21:34:23]
User47706 - Posts: 22
Hi Folks,

According to some of your documentation, " . . . There are two purposes for this documentation. The first is so that you can read the data in other programs and the second is so that you can feed Sierra Chart data from your own source. . . " I have inferred that I should be able to run my own C++ program that reads a xxx.scid file while that file is also in use by Sierra.exe. So far, I cannot seem to do that successfully by any measure. I have experimented with having my C++ program attached to the Sierra.exe process while trying to read an .scid file to no avail.

Should I be able to do this?

Here is my C++ file handle definition:

HANDLE Sierra_file =  CreateFile(filePathName,  // name of the file
      GENERIC_READ,      // for reading only
      FILE_SHARE_READ,    // disp=shr for read
      NULL,        // default security
      OPEN_EXISTING,      // do not attempt to create the file
      FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL,    // normal file
      NULL);        // no attr template
[2014-03-21 22:38:05]
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