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Date/Time: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 04:02:29 +0000

system behaviour when bar duration is less than study call duration

[2021-07-26 21:18:06]
User268846 - Posts: 3
Hello Sierra Chart,

I did read your documentation and support board regarding manual and automatic looping as well as when a study function is called but I am struggling to find a definite answer to the following questions and like to ask you to point me into the right direction:

When automatic looping is true and the study function is called as update (not recalculation or first call) and the study calculation duration is longer then the bar duration, will the study only be called for the last bar or also for the bars that were "created in between"?

As an example lets assume:

- my chart update interval is 10ms
- small volume bars are used in high volume market
- the last study call was at sc.Index = 100 and took 50ms to calculate
- during that 50ms there are 2 new bars (sc.Index = 101 and sc.Index = 102)

Will the next study call be only for the last bar (sc.Index = 102) or will the bar with index 101 also be calculated before 102?

If not what is the recommended way to make sure every bar is calculated in this kind of scenario?
Is using manual looping and perform recalculation beginning at bar 101 necessary in this case?

Thank you for your Support
[2021-07-27 07:20:17]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 1807
also for the bars that were "created in between"?
Yes of course.

or will the bar with index 101 also be calculated before 102?
The next study call will start at index 100 and this is documented here:

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