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Date/Time: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 03:58:09 +0000

[User Discussion] - Global Cursor doesn't show the bars and price levels on other charts

[2021-07-22 23:26:48]
User626838 - Posts: 2
I have a chartbook which contains multiple charts in it. I set the option Global Cursor on and Synchronize Charts,
but when I move the crosshair over on the active chart, the other charts do have the corresponding crosshairs but they don't show the bars price levels or anything except the info of the last bars located on the top line of each chart

I tried Compact window value/ window value .. but they still only show info of the bar in the active chart. If I click on the other charts then these windows show data of where I clicked on but that's not what I want.

For example: I open 2 charts in 1 chart book, DOGEUSD AND BTCUSD, I move the crosshair on DOGEUSD chart to 7/19 then the compact values window/Tool Values window show me OHLC, volume of dogecoin on that day but I do need those info on BTCUSD which I can only archive by moving the crosshair over on the BTCUSD charge and find exactly 7/19 to get that info.

Does anyone know how to do?
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