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automated backtest Alerts Help

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[2021-07-21 02:06:45]
adeelchaudhry1 - Posts: 6
I hope this finds you all well and in good health. I am fairly new to Sierra and have been stuck on trying to figure out backtesting with Alerts. I think my issue is a condition for my alerts, I was wondering if someone can help me with the syntax.
Currently, i have
" = OR(SG9>0,SG10>0)"
" = OR(SG11>0,SG12>0)"

Basically, I want it to generate a buy order for SG9 & SG10 ( Arrow Up) and a sell order for when SG 11 & SG12 ( Arrow Down) appear on the chart.

When I run the backtest, there are no trades that are being generated.
[2021-07-21 04:14:16]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
You will want to use this study for this:
Trading System Based on Alert Condition

And you would need two instances of the study. One for a buy entry and one for a sell entry.
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[2021-07-21 15:51:11]
adeelchaudhry1 - Posts: 6
thank you for the prompt reply, i followed the instruction but still no trades popping up.
Here is the alerts I used to generate a buy alert in the trading system alert condition section.
=OR(ID20:SG9 > 0 , S10 > 0)

Both of the signals are in ID#20

Kindly, view the screenshot. You will see the up arrows SG9 and SG10 which are being displayed on the chart, but alerts wont generate any trades.
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[2021-07-21 16:30:05]
adeelchaudhry1 - Posts: 6
i got it to work but some trades won't trigger off the alert condition!
its picking some alerts and trading and ignoring others
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[2021-07-22 15:04:14]
bradh - Posts: 854
How fast are you backtesting? If you are seeing unexpected results, try replaying the trade at speed = 1. If it works at normal speed then you are backtesting too fast.
[2021-07-23 02:06:12]
adeelchaudhry1 - Posts: 6
I was backtesting pretty fast, gonna try slowing down, Thanks!

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