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Date/Time: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:09:07 +0000

[ User Discussion ] - ACSIL, Getting the VPOC of a CUSTOM Volume Profile

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[2014-03-15 20:17:46]
Zosimus - Posts: 344
I want to find a way to programmatically(ACSIL) get the Price of the VPOC of a Volume profile that was drawn manually using the Tools >> Draw Volume Profile.

The VPOC data is held in the sc.Subgraph[1].Data array of the volume by price study, so my idea is to use sc.GetStudyArrayUsingID in order to get the Data of the first subgraph of the Volume by Price study.

What I still don't understand is - Once I pulled the VPOC Subgraph data into a SCFloatArray I need to specify an Index for the SCFloatArray item that I wish to get.

for an example:

SCFloatArray VPOC;
float POCatIndex = VPOC[Some Index];

(VP_ID, VPOC_SG are the inputs that specify the ID of the Volume Profile study and the SubGraph of the VPOC)

The VPOC is spanning through many bars so which Index should I use?
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