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Simulated Trading

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[2013-04-22 10:10:15]
johnson2626 - Posts: 14
I know that there is no trading interface for Bitcoin yet but I still like to use it in simulation mode to keep track of my orders. Which makes me wonder: Is there a possibility to "manually fill" an order quickly? Like when I add a Limit Buy order at a certain price which actually got processed in my real trading, i want to add it afterwards into the sim at a specific price. Can that be accomplished?
[2013-04-22 10:12:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 64973
Yes. Go to the Trade >> Trade Activity Log and then insert the fill through Edit >> Insert Trade Activity Entry.

For more information, refer to the Trade Activity Log in the documentation.
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[2013-04-22 10:20:56]
johnson2626 - Posts: 14
Ahh, thanks. I overlooked that option.

Your support is awesome, by the way. So quick and always a solution....

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