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Date/Time: Thu, 17 Jan 2019 12:11:32 +0000

ASX stock list quote spreadsheet with SIERRA CHART data

Support Request:
[2013-04-21 23:24:22]
kona808 - Posts: 12

I'm trying to compile a quote spreadsheet with all the ASX200 stocks on it, so that I am able to look at RSI's etc.

When connected to Sierra Chart data feed I am able to chart these stocks such as BHP.AX, but on the quote spreadsheet I just get a bunch of zeros when I "find symbol and insert" using the same symbol format. I get the same result for stocks in the US (MSFT etc).

Is there a reason why I am getting the charting results fine but not in the quote spreadsheet? I have used quote spreadsheets before with intraday futures (live) data from IB, so am familiar with how they work (I think).

[2013-04-21 23:37:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68003
The Quote Board and Quote Spreadsheets do not support historical data only services. Only services that provide real-time streaming data.
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