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Date/Time: Sun, 07 Aug 2022 15:54:32 +0000

[User Discussion] - Changing the dll compiler version

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[2021-04-21 13:06:19]
Matt NL - Posts: 82
Hi, is there a way to change the compiler that is used for building dll files?

I've installed the latest Visual Studio (2019) but the Sierra chart compiler keeps trying to use version 2015 (which isn't installed).

I tried to install version 2015 but it won't install. I'd be much happier if I could get Sierra to just use the new 2019 version which is installed already, but the batch file VisualCCompile.Bat keeps updating itself when I edit it.

Yes I know I can manually run the command lines in CMD prompt, but that's a pain too as you then have to release all dlls and reload via the build menu.

Thanks for any tips
[2021-04-21 21:05:55]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104213
No, there is no support for this.
Sierra Chart Support - Engineering Level

Your definitive source for support. Other responses are from users. Try to keep your questions brief and to the point. Be aware of support policy:

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[2021-04-22 15:19:46]
Matt NL - Posts: 82
Could you please then fix the "install compiler" option from the build menu? It doesn't work. It gives you a download for 2015 compiler but that installation file doesn't work anymore.
[2021-04-22 20:47:52]
bradh - Posts: 669
I've installed the latest Visual Studio (2019) but the Sierra chart compiler keeps trying to use version 2015 (which isn't installed).

I don't know if this is the problem, but perhaps I can help.

Which did you install first? Visual Studio or Visual C++ Compiler?

If you installed Visual Studio first, and then the Visual C++ Compiler, then it won't work correctly. Should this be the case, uninstall Visual Studio. Repeat Installing Visual C++ Compiler to be safe, then install Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition. This dependency is not spelled out in the documentation, but Sierra has acknowledged it.
[2021-04-23 07:03:43]
Matt NL - Posts: 82
great, thanks. I'll try that.
Indeed I installed VS 2019 first.
Then tried the menu option in Sierra.

I'll update later when I've tried. Thanks for the suggestion
[2021-04-23 07:16:30]
Matt NL - Posts: 82
nope, doesn't work.
I tried to install on a clean version of Windows 10. New installation.

Sierra downloads:

When you try to install it, you get the error:
"A setup package is either missing or damaged"

Tried redownloading it but it doesn't help. It tries to find a file called

Which doesn't exist on my hard drive anywhere.

So Sierra devs, please update the compiler installation link to one that works.

[2021-06-10 12:27:32]
User230940 - Posts: 63
Hello SC,

do you have a solution on that?

The "provided" MS Build Tools V14 are not longer supported by MS.
Because of that the installation provided by SC will fail with Missing Packages.

I installed the MS Build Tools 2019. But SC does not detect the installed Version.

Is there a possibility to define the Build Tool PATH?
Or any other Workaround to get this running?

best regards
[2021-06-10 13:10:10]
User907968 - Posts: 709
I don't know about "MS Build Tools 2019", but you can certainly install Visual Studio 2019 and select the required components (MSVC v140) during installation.
[2021-06-10 14:34:58]
User230940 - Posts: 63
Perfect, thats worked.
[2021-07-14 01:23:05]
Kentucky Dan - Posts: 1
@User907968 - Thank you very much. I would never have found this. Apparently Sierra wasn't willing to share the trick. Thanks again!
[2022-01-15 11:03:54]
czapeczek - Posts: 13
My build tools is also not detected.
I was trying to change manually the path to it in ACS_Source\VisualCCompile.bat
But it seems it's being overwritten each time or almost each time.

To support: either you should include a proper installation guide or give ability to edit this file.

My buildtools installation goes to a different folder.

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