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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Oct 2018 23:39:54 +0000


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[2013-03-22 01:24:50]
C. Notes - Posts: 96

I noticed new enhancements to the chart dom order flags...

Just wanted to give you my thoughts...

When the orders are left aligned with bar going from left to right on the chart there is the advantage of alignment with indicators and so forth.
Problem is, this really junks up the chart when there are multiple orders.

Right align is much better, but has the issue of aligning with chart objects.
For this I have been selecting the crosshair and then dragging my orders..

While this is all fine and good, it would be much better, If when I click and hold a right align order a horizontal crosshair type of line would appear until I rest the order.

Just my thoughts...

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