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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 02:05:49 +0000

[User Discussion] - Looking to capture indicator data into Excel..Can anyone help?

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[2014-03-03 15:56:47]
The Stealthy Trader - Posts: 144
I'd like to capture levels from a few favorite indicators at set intervals and have the data compiled in excel.

So, lets say every 5 minutes, the indicator level would be captured and appear in either a list or table form in a spreadsheet so I can easily see High/Low levels for the day or whatever period.

I'd be willing to pay for assistance with this as I'd like to learn more about the spreadsheet side of Sierra.

[2014-03-04 18:02:29]
vegasfoster - Posts: 444
Let's say you use a 6 range chart and want to capture the macd values every 5 minutes, you can add the macd to the 6 range chart, then add the study/price overlay study to the 5 minute chart and reference the macd study on the 6 range chart, then add a spreadsheet study to the 5 minute chart.

If you want training, you might contact Tomgilb here http://sawtoothtrade.com/services/ I don't know if he provides training or not, but the best to place to start I can think of.
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