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Date/Time: Sun, 03 Jul 2022 00:15:31 +0000

Weekly Chart - GCL**

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[2014-03-03 15:01:28]
NRGTrader - Posts: 351
I am attempting to plot a weekly chart of pit-traded crude oil, GCL**. In the chart I only want the current week's data, e.g., for this week beginning 03.03.14, today would be the only data in the chart. The chart I have is set to plot

- Intraday Chart Only
- Days Mins Secs = 7-0-0
- start time; end time = 09:00:00; 14:30:00

These settings plot a rolling 7-day period chart, i.e., the current week includes today and 6 days from last week instead of just today. The above settings, obvously with the appropriate pit-session times for each symbol, work correct for symbol ES**,NQ**,6A**,6C**,6E**,DX-M**,ZN**,ZF** but do not seem to function correctly for 6B**,6J**,GCL**,ZB**.

I've checked all the settings in the charts that "work" vs. the ones that do not and I don't see any differences. What am i missing?

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[2014-03-03 18:43:58]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103558
The 7 days is in reference to the very first Date of data loaded into the chart, and begins counting from there.
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[2014-03-03 18:53:36]
NRGTrader - Posts: 351
Sorry, my bad, I should have caught that. I assumed all my data had the same start dates and I overlooked it...another case of "never assume". Thanks

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