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[User Discussion] - Numbers Bars

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[2014-02-27 04:28:34]
Fxxtrader - Posts: 79
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Hi, regarding this description here:
and here:

How is the colour shading determined? At each price level, if ASK is > than BID then the colour shading is green?

Of these four categories, which one represents the shading with the highest volume/trade? Which one represents the the shading with the least volume?

A)Up 76-100% Color
B)Up 51-75% Color
C)Up 26-50% Color
D)Up 0-25% Color

And how does it relate to the selection made background colouring method? Same for the Down color options.

Note: I think Up 76-100% Color colours the level with the highest volume/trade, while Up 0-25% Color colours the level with the lowest volume/trade for the entire bar, right?

Thanks in advance.
[2014-03-04 00:50:52]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103470
The documentation does explain all of this. Or your questions are outside the scope of our support.
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