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Do I have access to intraday delayed data

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[2021-02-23 18:05:54]
User459170 - Posts: 262
Hi, I am using CQG Data. Do I still have access to intraday delayed data from Sierrachart? If yes, what do I need to configure to get access to this. Thanks for your help.

When I click Data/Trade settings, the window looks very different from the way it used to look. http://www.sierrachart.com/image.php?Image=1614104230726.png

This is how it is now

Is this related to the version or has somethign gone wrong at my end? Thank you.
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[2021-02-23 19:22:32]
John - SC Support - Posts: 29568
You can access the Sierra Chart Delayed Data, but you would need to change your Service setting to SC Data - All Services. Otherwise, when it is set to CQG you will be receiving the CQG data.

We are not sure what exactly you are wanting to do, but if you want to get both, then you should really install another version of Sierra Chart on your computer and then get the CQG data into one and the Delayed Streaming Data Feed into the other.
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[2021-02-23 19:24:20]
User459170 - Posts: 262
Thanks so very much John. That makes sense. I just want to do some backtesting on a symbol I am not currently trading.
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