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Date/Time: Mon, 22 Oct 2018 11:16:40 +0000

[User Discussion] - Scid and Symbol naming

Support Request:
[2013-04-18 20:56:48]
fxz - Posts: 32

i am using SC connected to a SC supported DTS FX broker
the mean is to place orders to the broker,

md instead are received through an external datafeeder(only market data)
on that we generate .scid files,

if i choose for my .scid a name i.e. eurusd
the data i write inside the scid are overwritten
with the broker i.e. FXCM fx data ,

eventhough i don t have any eurusd.scid opened from FXCM
and deleted the old .scid from \Data\ subfolder
i d need if doable,to use eurusd for the .scid we generate
to avoid the use of overlay study to save time
(we work in millisecond space)

secondly the data are filled tick by tick but if i choose 1sec
or larger
timeframe the volume num trades records are summed by SC,
if i choose ticks timeframe then when not 10 ticks per second are available and thus written
in my .scid
SC splits by 2 (4 on spreadsheet for trading when 8 are written
,5 on the spreadsheet trading system when 9 written in the .scid and so on)
the number of tick inside the .scid that i see on the spreadsheet are not the same
if i choose ticks fill gaps then i have in the spreadsheet empty cells with 0
that don t accomplish with the trading strategies

can you help ?

[2013-04-19 01:25:36]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65069
1. The question is not completely clear, but it sounds like you might want to enable Chart >> Chart Settings >> Disable Data File Updating for a chart data file that you open which is updated by an external source.

2.The 2nd question is not clear for us.
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[2013-04-19 07:09:34]
fxz - Posts: 32

i try to describe better

basically i write data coming from an external datafeeder
every 100ms on the i.e. eurusd.scid, i have 2 problems

1)i select chart setting period Ticks (tried with Standard 1 ,True 1,Fill Gaps 1,)
when i receive 10 ticks per second it s all fine
i go to the attached spreadsheet trading sheet and i can see
in every single second timestamp cells (10) the correct value
when within 1 second i receive less than 10 updates from my datafeeder
then on the spreadsheet trading sheet i can t see all the values but half
of them within 1sec timestamp's cells and half-1 the next second timestam's cells
and so on half,half-1

2)apart the above problem , i have to use by force chart setting Period Ticks ?
because if i select i.e. 1sec or 1.min i see on the chart
that records as Volume or NumTrades rather than being plotted 1 by 1 with their values
they are plotted as the sum of all the value (ticks) within the period choosen
(is this by design to sum the non floating records?)


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