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[2014-02-19 14:42:29]
wynmill - Posts: 28
Have 1091 and went to rollover few contracts and now get chart in use, stopping me from doing any editing or renaming chart contract. Before I would shutdown IB, perform my rollover duties inside SC, restart IB and everything fine. Now you must close any open chart before renaming. Don't use historical. Can we put this back the old way?
[2014-02-19 17:47:06]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103520
There is performance reason why the Intraday data files cannot be renamed when a chart is Open or when connected to the data feed.

There is a new simple and standard method to handle a rollover and use data from a prior contract. It is documented here:

You are currently using an outdated method.

You should also have a look at the new Sierra Chart futures data feed:

It may be good to subscribe for the rest of the month to reliably get all of the historical data you need for your charts and then going forward you can just use Interactive Brokers data .
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