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[User Discussion] - Sub-region MA

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[2014-02-18 03:53:59]
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I have a semi stupid question. Maybe a good idea at the end.

I'm trying to find a specific moving average that exists in a subregion / subgraph with
a range of 50 to -50. I'm assuming this would be called an oscillator (ie macd).

However, I greatly dislike the idea that these 'region limited' moving averages (oscillators)
become stunted and top out well before the price turns around.

Would Sierra have an indicator, or be willing to make an indicator, which:
Constructs from the 0 line, a (regionally based (50 to -50)) MA (OR oscillator line),
that includes only the previous 'X' number of bars?

This way the 'oscillator' would only calculate the most recent moves in the chart.
I'm assuming such an indicator would not need to calculate any previous data,
and would simply begin the oscillator's MA at 0. It would also be awesome if the
oscillator's line could have optional MA choices. Regardless, the creation of anything like this,
however simplistic, would be very appreciated.
Thank you for giving this post your time.
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