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[User Discussion] - multi time frame indicator

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[2014-02-16 20:35:14]
gabby alindogan - Posts: 49
I was wondering if Sierra has a way to create an indicator where the indicator is composed of an average of multiple time frames.

Ex. Given a 10m chart of IBM and a 14 period ADX. Is there a way to create an indicator "x" with the following formula (10min ADX(14)+30m ADX(14) + 60m ADX(14) )/3

For bar 9 to 9:10Am bar the indicator would be (adx of 8:50-9am + adx of 8:30-9 + adx of 8-9am )/3


[2014-02-16 20:52:12]
crazybears - Posts: 314

which time frame do you want see it ?
[2014-02-16 21:02:46]
gabby alindogan - Posts: 49
The chart would be a 10m chart, so in said chart,
indicator for bar 9 to 9:10Am would be (adx of 8:50-9am + adx of 8:30-9 + adx of 8-9am )/3
indicator for bar 9:10 to 9:20Am would be (adx of 9- 9:10am + adx of 8:30-9 + adx of 8-9am )/3,etc.

[2014-02-16 21:32:47]
crazybears - Posts: 314
using ACSIL would be much more easy but i think you can do it with built-in studies.

try :

put adx on each charts
on 10 min chart add these studies:

study/price overlay set fill blanks with last value to yes study to overlay 30 min for one and 60 for another

add study subgraph Add select the two study/price overlay

add study subgraph Add select previous study subgraph Add and adx of 10 min chart

add study subgraph divide select last study subgraph ,set divide to 3

you can set chart region for previous studies to 1 and select hide study so you see only the last indicator on chart and save more space.
[2014-02-20 03:47:12]
gabby alindogan - Posts: 49
Thanks crazybears. I did notice from documentation that all the periods have to be open so if i need to take 5 inputs ex 10,15,20,25,30 min of ADX(14) and average them, I have to have a 10,15,20,25,30m chart open all the time. Is that also needed if I try to calculate the adx of the 5 timeframes using Acsil?
[2014-02-20 07:04:17]
crazybears - Posts: 314

i think yes

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