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Date/Time: Thu, 07 Dec 2023 04:54:32 +0000

number bars highlighting cells

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[2014-02-13 21:01:00]
User62375 - Posts: 12
is there any way that I can have a numbers bar chart, and then highlight any cells where the contracts traded at the bid are at least 10 times the number of contracts traded at the offer, and the opposite, too, any cells where the number of contracts traded at the offer is at least 10 times greater than the number of contracts traded at the bid?

great software, thank you
[2014-02-14 10:38:38]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
We are checking on this.
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[2014-02-15 05:13:03]
Profile Trader - Posts: 163
Put your bid X ask up on one of your number bar columns and then set the text color for 76-100 to green and 0-25 to red all others to white etc. then make text to coloring method text on dominant side auction. At the bottom of the settings under compare threshold set the first one to -.10 ( i believe thats what it would be and then set the third # to 1000

Se if that doesn't get you want you want.
[2014-02-16 01:12:37]
Al SC Developer - Posts: 434
In 1093, there are two new background coloring options in the Numbers Bars study: Dominant Side and Dominant Side Auction. These are similar to same named text coloring options, but affect the background color instead of the text color. The bid & ask are divided and the result compared with the compare thresholds to set the colors based on the percentage of each (i.e. bid=200 ask=400 -> b/a=50% on bid side and a/b=200% on ask side). Using the thresholds, one of the colors is selected.

Note, we will updating the documentation for these new options.

So to do what you describe, you would set the background type to Background on Dominant Side, set the Background Coloring to Dominant Side, and compare thresholds to 1000,1000,1000 (10X would be 1000%). For colors, you would then set both 0-25 colors to chart background color and the 26-50 color to whatever highlight you want to use.

Note, the above can be done with the pre-1093 study using the Text Coloring method instead.
[2014-02-16 13:49:33]
User62375 - Posts: 12
Thank you, Doug, and Thank you Al SC Developer. Much appreciated.

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