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Date/Time: Fri, 02 Jun 2023 22:08:52 +0000

[Locked] - Notice: Replacement for CBOE Indices Historical Daily Data

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[2021-02-15 02:14:34]
SC Support - Posts: 1553
Thank you for your feedback.
[2021-02-22 04:37:39]
User722856 - Posts: 78
Regarding #19 and #21:

I posted an alternative solution for CBOE and other Indices, in the thread bellow, for you to consider.
Post #5:

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[2021-06-20 14:30:17]
User365411 - Posts: 156
We will shortly have the CFE (VIX Futures) raw data feed, we are speaking to the same guys that offer the CBOE Indices that you have listed, we will investigate to see if there is something larger to be done with them. You will be able to see announcements on the Support Board as progress is made. Thank you

Now that the CFE feed is out do you have any good news about the CBOE Indices implementation (historical and intraday delayed data) (post #21)?
I know that you are mainly focused on futures data but indices levels are very important for technical analysis, often more important than future levels.
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[2021-06-21 18:16:02]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 8678
We do plan to offer the NASDAQ global indices data feed, which should have equivalents to CBOE indices. Real-time CBOE Indices is currently available through the SC Exchange Data Feed:
Sierra Chart Exchange Data Feed

Other than this, there are no other plans.
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