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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 08:03:03 +0000

GetHighest/Lowest functions

Support Request:
[2013-03-21 20:03:08]
WarriorTrader - Posts: 184
I am using the GetHighest/Lowest functions to get the highest and lowest cumulative delta number for the day from the opening bar. When a two highs or lows are very close the function will not return the same number. It can return two different numbers even though the high/low has not changed.

I can provide some output if that is necessary. Is this something that you can be tightened up or will I have to live with it? I was rounding things off by 500 but the differences are greater than 500 now. Rounding things off by 1,000 may do the trick but that is a big margin of error for my study.


[2013-03-21 20:13:48]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 68091
There must be something else wrong In your code. You can find the source code for these functions in the SierraChart.h file. Look for:
float GetHighest(SCFloatArrayRef In, int Index, int Length)

You can see that they are written in a 100% stable way. You will have to do your own testing and find a solution.
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[2013-03-21 21:28:38]
WarriorTrader - Posts: 184

Yes it is very stable. I'll implement something within my study. It is only an issue when sc.Index changes. So my guess is there is something wrong internally in Sierra Chart. This would explain the irregular behavior I've seen in a few of my studies that use the Drawing Tools. Things were going well till I upgraded from 853 to 949 and now 955.

I have not had to time to document what I have've seen so far but I will in the comming days.

[2013-03-22 00:11:27]
WarriorTrader - Posts: 184

Found the error in my code, but there is still some weird stuff going on with some of the Drawing tolls. I'll be back...


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