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Date/Time: Sat, 20 Oct 2018 22:43:54 +0000

Volume Profiles showing when they should not be

Support Request:
[2013-04-17 03:03:20]
joshtrader - Posts: 318
In order to get both an RTH bar and an evening session bar on the same chart, I am using a bar period of 1439 minutes, which yields one RTH bar, and one evening bar per day. I could not find a simpler way but maybe there is, but either way, this is not related to the problem.

I have a standard daily profile with separate evening session plotted, so that each bar gets a profile. However, to more easily differentiate them, I decided to create an individual profile for each evening bar and color is slightly lighter. These profiles are drawn after the main 'master' daily profile so that they are overlaid on top.

You can see this here:


When showing RTH+evening, it works great. However, when I turn the evening session off and have only RTH bars, for some reason, the profiles created for the overnight bars are showing on the RTH bars. I am using the "From Start Date-Time to End Date-Time" type, for example, 4/14/2013 18:00:00 to 4/15/2013 9:29:59. Still, this profile is drawn on the RTH bar, when it should not be drawn at all, because the profile has a specific date-time range that does not match the bar it is being drawn on. You can see here how the last 3 profiles are being drawn when evening hours are turned off:


If you can think of an easier way for me to accomplish this I am open to changing the way I'm doing it, but this was the easiest way I could think of.
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[2013-04-17 16:16:41]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 65034
This behavior is expected because the volume profile calculations are going to find the nearest matching starting and ending Date-Times according to the Volume by Price Start Date-Time and End Date-Time settings.

The study is not designed to not draw at all if it cannot find matching times.

This is not something that we want to change.

Instead we recommend that you use Study Collections to change between different Volume by Price study configurations.
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