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Date/Time: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 15:32:19 +0000

full list of ‘Futures Brokers’ for SC Supported Services ???

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[2020-07-14 06:29:20]
Rainer - Posts: 108
Can you please add any additional supported 'Futures Brokers' I may have missed, combing through our Supported Services web-pages.

Advantage Futures
AMP Global Clearing
Dorman Trading
ED&F Man Capital Markets
Stage 5 Trading
Phillip Capital
Edge Clear
AGN Futures
IB – too cumbersome [imo]
Lmax – min $50k account requirement; unless u live in UK or NZ then $10k

added later note: re.the below link: never realised this (link) List existed, let alone so many available brokers, upon just now accidentally finding it in a Google search. ...suggestion: make this Link available/more-prominent on the Data/Trade Services web-page.

note2: ironically or cynical; ... for the last 10yrs every year I would check twice what new Broker Services are available with SC on the Supported Services web-page and only ever see a few Brokers (see attached pic), never realising there so so so many more !
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