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Number Bars

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[2014-01-28 19:30:56]
Profile Trader - Posts: 163
Is there a way to make one of the columns much thinner then the other? I would like to show in the first column where 75% or more volume has taken place and on the second the bid ask. In doing this I waste alot of space for the first column that could be just a thin bar next to the bid ask text. I am only interested in the background coloring of column one.

Also is there a way to separate what color is used for text and what color is used for background within a column. makes it hard to use different variables when they get colored the same... ie a colored box green will not reflect green text inside it.


[2014-01-28 21:12:43]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
1. No.

2. Only if the Column # Text Coloring Method is set to None.
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