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Date/Time: Sun, 20 Jan 2019 01:57:46 +0000

[User Discussion] - flag a specific price for future reference

Support Request:
[2013-04-16 18:10:15]
superdoug3 - Posts: 32
say I found price 1574.50 was a weekly high and I wanted to flag this price for intraday trading. If the price reaches 1574.50 in a couple of days I would see my flag and recall that this was the weekly high.

Currently I draw a horizontal line at 1574.50 and color it this works OK. BUT
I currently maintain a left hand margin of 1 inch. Is there a way of flagging 1574.50 such that the flag stays there as my intraday chart moves up and down with price. Either color the price 1574.50 or have an arrow on the Y-axis in my 1 inch margin next to 1574.50 The flag would remain in the margin as my intraday chart advances in time along the X-axis. When I am done, I would just delete my flag with the delete key. If I put text in my margin, it is no longer visible the next day because it is not anchored to the margin.

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