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Date/Time: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 18:38:51 +0000

making an open and close for a time period

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[2020-06-29 09:05:08]
User849502 - Posts: 310
Hi Guys,
I have tried my very best trying all the different studies that look at opn/close but I cannot find a study that would allow me to show the open of a time period and the close. I see I can do the high and low of a period, but I cannot find a way to show me the open and close. I know you have a previous close tool but that doesn't work for me. Here's my issue and REALLY appreciate you're reading this.

I want to look at the what happens between the first 40 seconds of the last min of trading before 4pm close. ie what is open at 15.59.00 and what is the close at 15.59.40 So I just want to see what the bar is doing for that 40 seconds. I can't make a 40sec bar chart and it wont give me a bar that is specifically that exact time. I have made a nice 10 second bar chart with the high and low for that period, but what I need to see is open and close. In the quickness of charts moving it's hard to see where the open and close is.

Does this make sense to you. I am attaching a chart. thank you thank you thank you thank Karen
image10sec.PNG / V - Attached On 2020-06-29 09:03:24 UTC - Size: 37.89 KB - 246 views
[2024-02-27 19:25:01]
4LifeNeo - Posts: 37
I know it has been a few years since the question was asked, but hopefully, it would still be helpful - either to you or someone else looking to do the same thing. I was also looking for a Study for the Open/Close at a certain period, which led me to this post.

Since I couldn't find one already built, I thought the combination of "Color Bar Based On Alert Condition", BARTIME, and plotting the extension might work. And it does - at least for my purpose.

Here's what you can do to try.

1 - Add the "Color Bar Based On Alert Condition" study.

2 - Under its "Settings and Inputs" tab, set the "Output When Condition True" to "Use Input Data".

3 - Set the "Input Data" to "Open".

4 - Set "Draw Extension Lines at Color Bar Value" to the one you prefer (Extend to End of Day for example).

5 - Under its "Subgraphs" tab, you can set the Color Bar (SG1) to Ignore if you want.

6 - Set the type of "Drawing Style" that you want for the "Extension Lines". For some reason, the "Name Label" and "Value Label" only work when set to "Right" for Extensions. I want it Right Edge and Right side Values Scale, but they wouldn't show when using those options.

7 - Under the "Alerts" tab, use this format and change it to the time that you want (mine is set to the open of 8:30 AM): =ABS(BARTIME - TIME(8, 30, 0)) < TIME(0, 0, 1)
I would assume yours would be =ABS(BARTIME - TIME( 15, 59, 0)) < TIME(0, 0, 1) on your 10 secs chart.

8 - For the Close, duplicate the study above once it's created and change the "Input Data" to Close. Change the Extension Lines Color and change the time to: =ABS(BARTIME - TIME( 15, 59, 40)) < TIME(0, 0, 1)
imageColorBarBasedOnAlertConditionExample.png / V - Attached On 2024-02-27 19:24:17 UTC - Size: 94.03 KB - 55 views
[2024-02-28 07:23:35]
User849502 - Posts: 310
hey thanks for this, always useful to know how to customise!
[2024-07-08 01:23:15]
joshtrader - Posts: 470
For anyone else looking, I was able to do this using the Horizontal Line at Time study. I only needed the Open at time, not sure if it will work for the close, but I set the input to Open and it works as expected.
[2024-07-11 00:23:52]
Mercrastius - Posts: 37
I must have read this post a while back but didn't think I had any suggestions, but this just popped into my head for no reason...

Maybe just create a separate chart with the session start time of 15:59:00 and end time of 15:59:40? Set the period of the chart to something longer than 40 seconds (so it'll be the only bar on the chart).

Then add the Daily OHLC, or maybe HL for time period study, or some such. Then just overlay that study onto your main chart. I'm sure you'd have to experiment with it to get the drawings to appear the way you want.

Just an idea.

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