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Date/Time: Sat, 26 Sep 2020 02:28:48 +0000

[Sticky] [Locked] - Cool New Feature, Completion of Important Functionality and "Social Trading"

[2020-06-09 09:31:16]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 89935 | Ending Date: 2021-04-05
1. We already released in version 2018 with the following functionality:

Support for replaying past simulated trade fills. When replaying a chart, when in chart trade mode and there were past order fills which have not been cleared, as the time is encountered in the chart where the order fill occurs, then it will display on the chart if the chart is set to display order fills. Eventually this will also support replaying of live trade fills as well. The complication of replaying of live trade fills is that live accounts cannot be selected when in Trade Simulation Mode which is on during a replay.

Version 2019 will support this for non-simulated trading. So you can now replay your live/non-simulated trading activity.

2. Two items, which are very long-overdue, are true millisecond time stamping for trades which involves a complete change of the date-time core object used within Sierra Chart. And serving historical market depth data. We are doing our best to get these things out over the next 30 days.

True millisecond time stamping for market depth data has been supported for some time now.

We have to acknowledge, we have a major issue, with the excessive load on us due to support. Please keep this in mind because the more questions we are bombarded with, the less time we have for software development. This is why you might see an increased amount of questions which are just not getting answered by us.

Considering the support load we have, we probably are going to be delayed with getting out the true millisecond time stamping, and historical market depth data on time.

This is why we are phasing out services. We have terminated technical support for numerous external trading services including Interactive Brokers (Which time is going to prove was one of the smartest things that we did which is the ultimate outcome of that garbage service from our perspective.). And technical integration to Rithmic is being removed at the end of this year.

And despite this, our business is increasing.

And this is the expected outcome because we are focused on a unified solution and making that the best solution for everyone, and making our services easier and reliable for everyone.

Technical integration to Interactive Brokers will remain.

With our upcoming "social trading" functionality, our upcoming EUREX feed with full depth, and our upcoming direct routing for the CME, Rithmic simply has nothing of value to us.

3. Now finally, we are working on releasing, gradually, our "social trading" functionality. We are not going to say anything further about this now but it actually is core functionality we have had for some time. It just needs further work and refinement and the proper interfaces. It is an exciting new feature.

Now do not ask us anything about the above, because we are not going to respond.
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