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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 00:24:26 +0000

using oco stops with spreadsheet exits enabled

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[2014-01-25 01:55:37]
Bedhog - Posts: 163
I'm using OCO brackets with targets and stops. There are other considerations for exits that are accounted for by the spreadsheet.

I've had it working before, but cannot seem to make it work today even after reviewing this:

Here is where I'm at...
BuyExit signal is ignored because Long position quantity does not exist or there are already working exit orders that will flatten the position. Current Position quantity with working exit orders: 0. Current Position quantity with exit market orders: 2

Reset Condition On New Bar (read-only):  TRUE
Allow Multiple Entries in Same Direction (read-only):  FALSE
Signal Only Once Per Bar (read-only):  TRUE
Cancel All Orders on Entries and Reversals (read-only):  FALSE
Allow Entry With Working Orders (read-only):  TRUE
Signal Only On Bar Close (Columns L, N-Z) (read-only):  FALSE
Signal Only On Bar Close (Columns K, M) (read-only):  FALSE
Maximum Position Allowed (read-only):  2
Send Orders To Trade Service (read-only):  FALSE
Support Reversals (read-only):  TRUE
Allow Opposite Entry with Opposing Position or Orders (read-only):  TRUE
Cancel All Working Orders on Exit (read-only):  FALSE

[2014-01-25 02:07:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103469
This needs to be true:
Cancel All Working Orders on Exit (read-only)
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