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intraday (7 day) weekly chart - regular trading hours

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[2014-01-24 22:38:28]
User16114 - Posts: 153
Can I create the following two ES (S&P eMini) charts:
1. ES# (IQFeed continuous) and @ESH14 (IQFeed)
2. Intraday Chart
2. Weekly (7 days)
3. Each week starting on Monday (or the first day of the calendar week)
4. Regular trading hours (09:30 to 16:14:59 EST) for the ES.

I am running 2 instances of SC, remote instance is with IQFeed data and destination instance is AMP/TTNet live and funded.

[2014-01-25 02:52:42]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103469
Yes you can do this as long as you specify a starting day to load in the Chart >> Chart settings that is on a Sunday.
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[2014-01-25 11:50:34]
User16114 - Posts: 153
thanks SC!

for Support Board readers...

as soon as I used a Sunday start date in Chart Settings>>Main Settings>>Use Date Range that was after the start date in Chart Settings>>Main Settings>>Date Range In File (yyyy-mm-dd): the chart produces a weekly RTH starting on first day in the calendar week.
[2014-01-27 01:52:54]
User16114 - Posts: 153
as well, if you want to use the current month futures contract make sure you are using a Sunday "From:" date after the CME starts producing quotes for the current month

ie: the earliest "Use Date Range" "From:" date that produces weekly bars that start on Mondays seems to be 2013-05-19

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