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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 00:07:06 +0000

Sierra on multiple computers

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[2014-01-20 13:55:01]
darkpool - Posts: 39

I am coming to the end of my Sierra trial and plan on purchasing package 5 next week. The trial has proved Sierra to be an excellent platform!

One question though, I have a primary trading computer and a backup laptop. I've been using the trial on the desktop and according to this link:
it should be possible to use Sierra on multiple computers (up to 2 concurrently). My main requirement is simply to be able to use Sierra on my laptop if there is a power failure. No need to be using them concurrently,...but I do need the laptop as a backup.

I have tried using Sierra on my laptop just to make sure everything works correctly, but it wont let me log in. Please advise if this is simply a restriction due to the fact that im still on the trial, and that when I purchase package 5 next week I will be able to use both computers.

I presume it has nothing to do with broker / data feed restrictions?

Many thanks.
[2014-01-20 15:51:13]
Sierra Chart - Max - Posts: 5144
The limitation is because you are a on a trial. We have removed the limit, and you should be able to login on multiple computers.
Sierra Chart Support
[2014-01-20 16:07:55]
darkpool - Posts: 39
Thanks very much.

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