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Date/Time: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 01:47:25 +0000

Historical Intraday minutely data for ES#, YM#, NQ# etc

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[2014-01-19 20:39:25]
pt01 - Posts: 1
I used to be able to download such data via SC Historical Intraday Futures as the data service as of 6 month ago - has anything changed since? Thanks for any help.

Software version: 1077 | 2014-01-19 13:21:30
Usage end date: 2014-02-02 | 2014-01-19 13:21:30
HD Request # 92 - Error downloading historical Intraday data for ES#. Historical data file not available for symbol. | 2014-01-19 15:36:37
HD Request # 92 - Received 0 records and wrote 0 records for ES# | 2014-01-19 15:36:37
HD Request # 92 - Intraday download COMPLETE for ES# | 2014-01-19 15:36:37
Real-time Intraday chart data file updates started for ES# | 2014-01-19 15:36:37

[2014-01-19 22:29:11]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103469
These particular symbols have not been supported with that service for a very long time.

You need to use our new Continuous Futures Contract feature:

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