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[User Discussion] - Thanks Much...

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[2014-01-17 23:47:47]
C. Notes - Posts: 104

I am enjoying the mods to the new cycle tool. It really shines now. Great job.

On another note, there is a function which I have a strong suggestion towards. In the study price overlay, the "Fill Blanks With Last Value" has been included. While this is of course helpful, it does not do much to reduce distortion on lower time frames. Interpolation http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interpolation is the answer....This should have a few options - Linear, Non- Linear, Random, and of course "Fill blanks With Last Value".... With a few simple formulas, the step distortion could be smoothed making the feature more flexible. While this is in itself distortion, it would be significantly more usable than it is currently. Also, it would ease the depth of re-draw on low time frames, which does impact trading systems..

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[2014-01-18 19:01:54]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
You will need to create your own custom study to accomplish this.
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