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Date/Time: Tue, 23 Apr 2024 00:53:59 +0000

linking charts

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[2014-01-17 23:36:21]
dominikos - Posts: 106
I reviewed chart linking information on the page but it does not allow me to accomplish a true chart linking that allows me to scroll across multiple charts. My goal is to setup three charts with three timelines and tile them horizontally. Then, I would like to scroll one of the charts and have the remaining charts scroll as well. I would like to crosshair show on all three charts and show me where I am and ideally update values of different studies. That's how it works for me on TOS and I suspect other charting platforms. This allows me to analyze changes in the indicators across timelines.
Is it possible with Sierra Chart?
The documentation on chart linking seems to be focusing on synchronizing setting changes across charts which is different.
[2014-01-18 00:34:27]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
Yes, this is possible.

You need to enable the Link Scroll Position option:

And you also need to use the Global Cursor option with the Chart Values tool:
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[2014-01-18 02:18:48]
dominikos - Posts: 106
Thank you. This is sweet!

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