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Date/Time: Sat, 22 Jun 2024 07:29:12 +0000

[User Discussion] - Change Background Color on Alternate Days.

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[2014-01-16 20:55:29]
User94614 - Posts: 13
Is it possible to change the Background Color slightly on Alternate Days so day Start/End is obvious?
[2014-01-16 21:22:55]
Sawtooth - Posts: 4028
You could use the Color Background Based On Alert Condition study, with this formula on the Alerts tab:


This works if Sundays are excluded. If Sundays are included, you could color them differently using another instance of the Color Background study with this formula:

[2014-01-16 23:04:12]
User94614 - Posts: 13
Thanks, I tried it and it fails when there is a Monday holiday because Tuesday and Friday both have even or odd dates.

If I could use the bar number instead of the date it should work or if KI could test for the previous day's backgroud color.
[2014-01-16 23:52:02]
Sawtooth - Posts: 4028

You can do what you want with the Spreadsheet Study study.

-Put this formula in cell K3:
-Put this formula in cell O3:
-Set the Draw Style of K(SG1) to Background
[2014-01-21 12:45:37]
User94614 - Posts: 13
Thanks, I got that to work.

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