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[2014-01-16 14:40:29]
User53900 - Posts: 5
Nothing appears on the Trade Activity Log when performing a backtest that trades during the selected range.

On the top left drop-down menus, whenever changing from one menu item to another, the 2nd menu always automatically switches back to "non-simulated".

On a related note, when backtesting, multiple trailing stops from automated trading end up converging to 1 price when the market moves. This is regardless of whether "Adjust Trail Offset When Modifying Trail Order" is checked or not.
[2014-01-16 17:27:45]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103466
In the list of symbols at the top of the Trade Activity Log you need to select the symbol with [Sim] in front of it.

What is the symbol of the chart you are having a problem with trailing stops with. It sounds like the Tick Size is not set correctly for it.
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