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Alert or Automatic Mark at EMA cross over SMA and vice versa

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[2014-01-15 06:37:39]
User35749 - Posts: 32
Dear Sir or Madam:
1. On CLG14 5-minute chart, is there any way that I can set an automatic mark at the EMA15 cross over SMA50 and vice versa?
2. Also on the On CLG14 5-minute intraday chart, is there any way that I can set an alert (sound and email) when the EMA15 cross over SMA50 and vice versa?

[2014-01-15 13:48:21]
tomgilb - Posts: 3325
Try this:

Add the Color Bar Based On Alert Condition study
Put this formula on its Alerts tab:
where ID1 is the EMA15 and ID2 is the SMA50. Edit as needed.
Also, choose an Alert Sound from the dropdown menu.

To get an email when the alert is triggered, go to Global Settings >> General Settings >> select the same Alert >> check Send E-Mail When This Alert Is Triggered >> enter your email address.

If you want to use a Draw Style other than Color Bar, set the 'Output When Condition True' to 'Use Input Data', and set the Input Data to either High or Low.

[2014-01-15 17:22:00]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103465
1, 2. This can be done with the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study:
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