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Date/Time: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 05:48:34 +0000

[User Discussion] - Feature Request: Telegram or Discord Alerts

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[2020-04-12 17:46:25]
BlueVein - Posts: 34

This is a request to see if it would be possible to enable users to push alerts into a discord channel with a WebHook or as a PM to a Telegram user. Similar to how you currently can with Email or Twitter. I found Discord/Telegram to be much quicker at pinging my phone than Twitter/Email refresh rates. Thank you!
[2020-04-12 20:23:55]
caligola - Posts: 116
Telegram would be useful
[2020-11-16 19:15:53]
User355030 - Posts: 163
Any updates on this?
[2021-04-11 13:17:12]
Ackin - Posts: 1865
Telegram would be useful

[2021-09-04 21:28:43]
User143653 - Posts: 1
Just a generic webhook integration with a configurable json payload would solve for most of these requests. Would love to see that on the roadmap!

Launching an app or sending an email is not enough anymore :-)
[2022-07-08 04:30:32]
BlueVein - Posts: 34
Would love to see this feature in 2022 ;)

:popcorn: Telegramm
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[2022-07-08 09:59:41]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
When you say web hook do you mean when an alert occurs, then there would be a HTTP URL called, with various parameters containing information about the alert from within Sierra Chart?

We do not think there is a need for any customization of the JSON data. We can just include everything broken up by individual fields. Then you can decide what to do with it.
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[2022-07-08 13:44:55]
BlueVein - Posts: 34
Assume I am like 20 IQ but I was thinking supporting this


Idea was that with a more generic method we could support both because I know telegram and discord are highly used.

My selfish request is for something generic as I would love to pull in alerts & trade data when it occurs to a web app journal I built. How the best delivery method for generic is I will let you engineers determine but ya that is the intent/idea :)
[2022-08-20 17:50:40]
User396 - Posts: 54
[2022-09-17 05:13:34]
Ryan Bailey - Posts: 53
[2023-02-16 23:43:58]
User90125 - Posts: 715
[2023-02-24 03:49:39]
User674639 - Posts: 1
+ 10 !!!
[2023-08-11 10:26:28]
virtualcointrading - Posts: 39
[2023-11-18 16:03:49]
duplanuh - Posts: 8
Send JSON to a webhook should be great when an alarm trigger.
[2023-12-04 02:28:04]
User900285 - Posts: 88
Here is an open source example of a Telegram Bot implementation for SC Chart Drawing Alerts by VerrilloTrading: https://youtu.be/EQZI9pBtDrE
[2023-12-10 19:39:38]
virtualcointrading - Posts: 39
Where is the source available @User900285 ?
[2023-12-10 20:12:36]
User900285 - Posts: 88
The source is available here: https://github.com/Guitarmadillo/code/tree/main/sierrachart_code/TelegramChartDrawingAlerts

It is also linked in the description of the first video link.
[2024-05-19 15:43:11]
User656492 - Posts: 142
Another +1 for easy discord webhook, please?

I'm guessing it's easiest to have a "Webhook" study that has a couple of inputs:

sg1: StudySubgraph Reference
sg2: Webhook url

Need anything else? (I don't really know, just trying to nudge this forward.)

Thanks, Team SC!

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