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Date/Time: Sun, 26 Jun 2022 23:16:08 +0000

[User Discussion] - ACSIL - How to find the line style/color for earlier drawn line ( not user drawn )

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[2014-01-13 15:04:54]
ejtrader - Posts: 686
SC Team - I am trying to find a way to get line style & color for a horizontal ray - which was drawn earlier using ACSIL(tried to use the following functions listed). However this functionality seems to be ONLY available for user drawn drawings and not ACSIL drawn drawings. Any hints/example code you can think of?

PS: Due to the number of lines involved - potential persistent variable approach is not likely to work in my case.



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[2014-01-13 19:19:54]
ejtrader - Posts: 686
SC Team - Wondering why this is marked as user discussion. I am not asking for programming help. Just inquiring - whether it is possible to determine - the properties of ACSIL drawn drawings or not.

- If it is possible - would you please let me know which function to use?
- If it is not possible at present - would you please let me know whether this is something that can be implemented in the future.

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[2014-01-14 00:47:03]
ejtrader - Posts: 686
SC Team - I am still looking for a comment from you on this.

Tool.AddAsUserDrawnDrawing = 0; // Not 1

I have the value of Tool.LineNumber as well as the drawing type available but would like to get the line style & Color of the line somehow from ACSIL. Any functions available for this?

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[2014-01-15 06:19:04]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 103466
No, there is no provision for this. Since your study function is the one adding the drawings, you should be able to remember the line style and color.

If the drawing was added by ACSIL and marked as a user drawn drawing, then you can use this function:
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[2014-01-15 13:52:58]
ejtrader - Posts: 686
SC team - Fair enough. Thank you.

The reason to add it as "AddAsUserDrawnDrawing" as "0" instead of "1" is to avoid deleting/moving these lines accidentally. Would it be possible to lock the drawing in ACSIL - for Tool.AddAsUserDrawnDrawing = 1;


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