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Stop Boxes, Line

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[2014-01-08 18:47:05]
Richard Reyes - Posts: 98

I am using an automated trading strategy on 6 currency pairs. Usually, when a Sell or Buy signal is triggered, I see a box and line where the signal (+ / -) was given and then a box and line for my stop and a box and line for my target (if touched). The signal box will show me the price of the Buy or Sell and the amount of units along with a current balance (+ / -) These boxes (stop & target) will usually have a "S" as the first letter in the box, but I am now seeing a "B" as the first letter in the box and my Buy / Sell line and box has an "S" as the first letter. This will change after awhile into the correct boxes and signal lines. Can you tell me what is happening. Many Thanks
[2014-01-13 17:19:43]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104293
B/S= Buy/Sell.

Only you can answer why it is happening. It is your trading system submitting the orders. Check it.
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