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Date/Time: Tue, 07 Dec 2021 17:23:39 +0000

Adding new exchange to Cryptocurrency Data Services?

[2021-09-27 07:29:06]
User365411 - Posts: 132
+1 FTX
Please add the second most liquid derivative crypto exchange.
I think they have better flow and API then Binance.

They are in great expansion, a few days ago they sponsored Formula1 Mercedes, moved headquarters from Hong Kong to Bahamas, most people from Europe are moving from Binace because Binance banned european derivative trading.

So I think you can attract some new user offering FTX data feed, and make happy most of us :)

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[2021-10-14 19:59:30]
User512218 - Posts: 3
+1 please add FTX ASAP
[2021-10-20 17:54:06]
mnill - Posts: 29
+1 please add support for automated trading through FTX
[2021-10-30 11:45:33]
User936335 - Posts: 2
Hey Sierra please consider adding FTX, their CEO is willing to do so.


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