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Date/Time: Mon, 24 Feb 2020 13:36:24 +0000

Numbers Bars Last Price Color

[2020-01-23 16:30:50]
tdd2672 - Posts: 19 | Ending Date: 2020-04-24
Is there an option to change the color of the last price in the Numbers Bars study? Presently I only see where it can be in bold but as the default color. I would to have the option to have this as a separate/contrasting color.
[2020-01-23 20:22:01]
Sierra_Chart_Engineering - Posts: 534 | Ending Date: 2020-11-26
At this time the only option is to Bold the data for the Last Trade Price.
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[2020-01-24 02:21:53]
tdd2672 - Posts: 19 | Ending Date: 2020-04-24
Will you consider adding the option?
[2020-01-24 15:08:01]
John - SC Support - Posts: 1560 | Ending Date: 2020-04-29
We take all suggestions and add it to our list of work. The reality is simply that we have a lot to do, so we cannot commit to any particular time frame for any particular suggestion.

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