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Date/Time: Thu, 24 Sep 2020 08:47:59 +0000


[2020-01-15 02:27:20]
User450179 - Posts: 105 | Ending Date: 2020-03-05 [Expired]
Just wanted to say that you are doing a lot of great work. I know you guys and gals are always busy but i was wondering if you would offer something to your users and quite possibly even make some extra money in the process. I am not looking for AUTO SPREADER functionality and I am aware of your spreader entry study but now that you are doing historical microseconds time stamps and running your data out to the millis i wanted to suggest something that I would gladly pay 5 bucks a month for as an upgrade.

1. MOST BASIC= just a double dom that does market orders only or market orders and stops and limits. YOU put the buy side symbol on 1 side and the sell side symbol on the other with quantities and just click to buy and click to sell. thsi way you can MKT exit and mkt enter 2 contracts at the same time and know you are filled if market. much simpler i think than the study that does market orders anyway but requires spread prices and such.

2. A spread dom. and just a spread dom. it is not an autospreader but it does calculate the spread price based on the users inputs i.e. tick value and ratio this way
the dom has the price of the spread and can actually show spread dom depth by mathing quantities in both symbols. obviously ones bid qty the other offer qty depending on buy and sell. same idea as above but allows the user to put in a couple simple inputs like 1x1 or 4 x5 to get exchange margin reduction but this way it also shows the spread value in the middle of the dom and it is accurate. The BUYS and SELLS can still be market orders or MIT or stops any type of order that results in a mkt order being sent.
Not perfect but would very handy for a lot of users and like i said maybe you upcharge for the specialized dom.
Hopefully you guys can and will do this. no offense to who ever made the spread entry study but the fact ti has to be turned on and off and spread prices need to be manually entered keeps a lot of people from using it. I can click click 2 doms 1 buy and 1 sell mkt bu tlots of times even this is a little slow. 1 click and 2 mkt fills with 2 different quantities would be really great. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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