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[2019-12-10 22:00:02]
User145885 - Posts: 15 | Ending Date: 2020-04-14 [Expired]
Hello. I am trying to delete the drawings on a different chart but I can not.
I understand that using the sc.UseTool() function and s_UseTool::AddAsUserDrawnDrawing = 1 and specifying the chart Number you can draw on other chart without a problem.(https://www.sierrachart.com/index.php?page=doc/ACSILDrawingTools.html#scGetUserDrawnChartDrawing)
I understantand that using this line of code
int Result = sc.DeleteACSChartDrawing(sc.Input[6].GetInt(),TOOL_DELETE_ALL,0);
you can delete the lines on the chart that you put the study on.It works.
The part that is not working or I dont know how to do it is how to delete the lines draw by the code on the other chart
I understand that you instead using TOOL_DELETE_ALL you supposedly should use TOOL_DELETE_CHARTDRAWING if you want to delete on the other chart as long as you specify the chart number and the line number.Well is not working for me plus additionally what happen if you have several lines instead of an unique line number.How to you do it.
2) Also if it is not too much to ask. Is it possible to declare an array of persistent variables and if so. How can I do it.?
Your assistance will be much appreciated
[2019-12-11 05:30:30]
Sierra_Chart Engineering - Posts: 809 | Ending Date: 2021-01-07
1. Refer to:

You must know the drawing numbers. Every drawing will have a unique drawing number. You can store the beginning and end of a range.

2. You can certainly create your own arrays or you can use the persistent variable functions:
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