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Date/Time: Sat, 24 Aug 2019 12:32:55 +0000

Ehlers smoothed adaptive momentum indicator request

Support Request:
[2019-08-14 05:42:14]
User954185 - Posts: 5

Thank you very much for your hard work sierra chart engineering.

Would like to request this indicator for Sierra Chart. If it is possible and not too difficult.
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[2019-08-14 16:22:08]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 75442
We will look into this.
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[2019-08-15 18:07:34]
SC Support Tom - Posts: 180
Hello, I am looking at two scripts for this indicator (written in Pine Script for Tradingview). I should be able to come up with an ACSIL version by Monday.

[2019-08-16 00:49:03]
User954185 - Posts: 5
I would prefer the first one because it has more settings that i can adjust and customize. I use that one personally.


Thank you again!
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[2019-08-16 21:03:57]
SC Support Tom - Posts: 180
OK I am working on that one.
[2019-08-23 23:29:02]
User954185 - Posts: 5
Hi Tom,

Can I kindly check in with you on this?

Thank you very much,


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