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Date/Time: Sun, 15 Dec 2019 15:21:54 +0000

Will SC support Exchange Traded Spreads on IB's TWS?

[2013-12-04 17:01:09]
hft168 - Posts: 31
Hi S.C.,

For intra futures spreads like calendar spread, we can pull out the so called exchange traded spreads in TWS as a single product to watch and trade. I notice this can also be done with TT, T4 and a few others.

Can this be done with IB/TWS in the future so we can do autotrade as a single product?

If it can be done currently, can you please provide a sample format for a calendar spread on crude oil futures 'CL' with IB/TWS?

[2013-12-04 18:19:31]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 79194
From what we have seen this is very complex to specify through the TWS API and it is not supported. We did ask Interactive Brokers about this previously and the specification was just too complicated. We do not foresee supporting this.
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