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[User Discussion] - Number bars within candlestick

Support Request:
[2013-04-10 17:50:39]
User22751 - Posts: 12
i am trying to view the number bars within candlesticks. currently i am using the overlay bar study and setting the number bars background to transparent. the problem is that candlesticks are overlapping the numbers, so numbers are not visible..is there a way number can be seen through candle bars...i read in a post about some other Ganz's indicator that can show candle sticks next to number bars..can you advise on that..

[2013-04-11 04:45:59]
ganz - Posts: 864

Numbers Bars V2 study provides Open to Close Boxes Marker Style.

Also you are able to use VbP study in order to observe Candle Sticks and Numbers. /pls. see the attachment /

gd lck


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[2013-04-12 09:51:27]
User22751 - Posts: 12
Thanks, yeah Open to Close Boxes Marker Style does makes a line to show if closed above or below.

when you say VbP study i guess you mean volume by price. i tried it but couldn't get the display like the image attached. are you using number bar and Vbp both at the same time? how do you get to show candle sticks on the left ?
[2013-04-12 10:38:54]
ganz - Posts: 864

this is VbP only so check VbP settings for Bid x Ask


also play w Global Settings -> Graphic Settings -> Other -> Candlestick Width to decrease it

and there is the possibility to use this study w VbP: http://www.sierrachart.com/supportboard/showpost.php?p=232797&postcount=38

gd lck
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[2013-04-15 22:59:15]
User22751 - Posts: 12

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