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Date/Time: Wed, 21 Aug 2019 09:02:18 +0000

Issue with alert condition

Support Request:
[2019-05-15 18:00:35]
User887651 - Posts: 2
Hello Sierra Support,

I am trying to get a signal of a first touch of VWAP(Yellow Dashed Line, ID2.SG1). I have used an alert using CROSSFROMABOVE(C,ID2.SG1) and CROSSFROMABOVE(ID0.SG4,ID2.SG1) but I still don't get a signal at the circled area in the attached image. Do I have to use a spreadsheet with a range for this to work?


[2019-05-15 21:07:11]
John - SC Support - Posts: 1185
Your formulas are fine, either way will work. It sounds like you put this alert as either a Chart or a Study alert, in which case it is only going to test on the most recent bar and the updates to that bar. It does not evaluate on previous bars.

If you want to see an Alert that tests against previous bars you would need to use the Color Bar Based on Alert Condition study. You will find information on this concept in the last paragraph of this section:
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