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[User Discussion] - two CCI in one

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[2013-11-14 15:50:32]
mayerrs - Posts: 70
hi, i would like to have this.

1) i have study CCI14 in region 2
2) i have study CCI50 in region 3

and i would like to have

CCI14 would be same and CCI50 would be also in region 2 but it would be only on 0 line. if CCI50 would be >0 color is green and <0 color would be red. is there any way how i can make it?

thank you
imageCCI14 and CCI50.png / V - Attached On 2013-11-14 15:50:28 UTC - Size: 5.8 KB - 317 views
[2013-11-14 16:56:22]
tomgilb - Posts: 3335
To color the zero line of the CCI14 based on the +/- value of the CCI50:

Add the Color Bar Based on Above/Below Study study.
-Set the Based On to the CCI50 study
-Set the Chart Region to the same as the CCI14 study
-Set the Input Data to CCI
-Set the Study Reference to the CCI50 and Line1(SG2)
-Set the Draw Style to Line or Dash
-Set the colors

On the CCI14, set the Draw Style of Line1 to Hidden
Check 'Hide Study' on the CCI50
Date Time Of Last Edit: 2013-11-14 17:12:35
[2013-11-14 19:51:15]
mayerrs - Posts: 70
that is perfect!! thank you..

btw, is there any way to show value of CCI50 by this study? i tried "show value" and there is just #1 on 0-line.
[2013-11-14 21:02:27]
tomgilb - Posts: 3335
You will only be able to display the CCI50 value in the Region Data Line:

1) On the Subgraphs tab of the Color Bar study, uncheck these three: Display Name and Value In Region Data Line, Display Study Name, Display Input Values.

2) Unhide the CCI50 study,
set the Chart Region to the same as the CCI14,
set the Draw Style of all the subgraphs to Hidden

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