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Date/Time: Mon, 17 Jun 2024 06:22:59 +0000

Problem with trade activity log after update

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[2019-02-12 01:09:16]
Luke - Posts: 142
Is there any way I can send you a screenshot of the trade activity log? After updating to the newest SC version, my trade activity log is messed up. I used to have it minimized to the corner of my screen, only showing 4 Trade Activity columns (BuySell/FilledQuantity/FillPrice/PositionQuantity).

With the newest version, you dont only have "File/Edit/Window" in the header, but also "Trade Activity/Statistics/Trades/PeriodStats/ChartStats".

So now with the new version, when you minimize the window, all these headers pile on top of each other, they dont stay in one row, with the result that the headers use up half of the window, not leaving a lot of space for displaying trade activities.

I included a screenshot from hardcopy.de below showing my old settings at the bottom right corner, not sure if you can open it though...

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[2019-02-24 21:30:24]
Sierra Chart Engineering - Posts: 104368
This is a new format that we considered experimental. It eliminates a tab resource, and in usual cases creates more space.

This is the first issue that has been raised with it.

One thing good about this new format, that is going to be out in the next release is that the menu commands that switch between the tabs, will now have accelerator key support so you can switch between tabs with shortcut keys.

One suggestion is to use a separate monitor for the Trade Activity Log and just keep it maximized. Or at least not as narrow of a width.

It would be good if the Windows operating system has an option to control whether a menu wraps or not. This would really be the most proper solution.
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[2024-05-08 18:45:59]
Jaytrades02 - Posts: 1
I recently just updated my Sierra chart app and put a trade on today but when I go to the trade activity window nothing pops up. I’m trying to export my trades like I usually do to my journal but for some reason it doesn’t show my positions.
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[2024-05-08 19:29:35]
John - SC Support - Posts: 32379
Make sure you have the new Trade Activity Log set properly. Refer to the following in particular:

And also refer to the following for more general information on the new setup:
Trade Activity Log: Notes About New Trade Activity Log Window
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